Aum Pendants

Aum (also Om, Devanagari) is a mystical or sacred syllable. It is found at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation to be uttered...


Soul Symbols

Throughout history all cultures have honoured natural gemstones for their ability to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attributes of the body...


Ganesha Pendants

Elephant-headed Ganesha is Lord of beginnings, and he himself is symbolized as a transition point for he is neither man nor elephant.



Japa is the repetition of sacred mantra either by chanting vocally or mentally, usually with the assistance of a mala (prayer beads)... Chanting manta is the...


What is a mala?

Swami Muktananda

Mala is a Sanskrit word meaning “garland”, and a mala is a strand of beads which is typically worn around the neck. Mala beads can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, seeds, pearls, or crystals. The beads are usually round in shape, which allows for them to glide easily through the fingertips. Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or inwardly mentally repeating a prayer (mantra), or a name of a specific deity. The mantra is repeated once on each bead as your fingers move forward along the thread.

A mala acts as a counting device, to assist with focusing on mantra repetition. Because it engages the sensitivity of the fingertips, it also works as a good centering technique by creating restful, focused awareness and inner strength. Our hands and sense of touch have an important role helping us tune into our environment, and are directly linked with the heart chakra. Aligning our spiritual heart with our daily mala practice offers greater levels of contentment and peace of mind. Wearing a mala throughout the day acts as a bridge and visual reminder of the protective blessings of spiritual practice. It also acts as an auric shield, so that the negative influences from different people will not affect the serenity of your mind.

Japa Mala & Spiritual Sadhana

It has become my habit to get my mala and redirect the vibrations of my thoughts to fuse with japa repetition when my mind clutters my heart with difficult thoughts, and disquiet sensations are orbiting around me wanting to take residence within me.

Japa Mala

My sacred mantra given to me by my Guru is my friend, my shield, my companion. I cling to my sacred gift/mantra using the malas made by Jalanna knowing that they have been handcrafted with respect and love for the gemstones that invoke not only beauty in their colour and elegance in their luster, but also reverence and sacredness for nature.

I have witnessed how much my lone repetition of japa mala can influence the collective consciousness. I carry my mala in one of the pockets of my coat, and consciously repeat the mantra sharing the vibrations of blessings with everybody on the street, the subway, the bus, the airplane.

I decide to be my own barometer and donate the gift of repetition of japa mala offering its pure vibration to fill the time and space flowing through my mental and emotional energy with blessings for all in different directions in this adorable planet. It may take a bit of time, but I will see again the ripples of my japa mala energy making a difference in this world, and that will inspire my heart to sprinkle more seeds of japa mala everywhere I go.

I love to carry my malas with me to help me to purify my inner state and become my Inner Being. Thank you, Jalanna for the love, care and integrity you put in repairing my mala and handcrafting beautiful malas.

Many blessings to you,
Maritza Ballen