Aum Pendants

Aum (also Om, Devanagari) is a mystical or sacred syllable. It is found at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation to be uttered...


Soul Symbols

Throughout history all cultures have honoured natural gemstones for their ability to enhance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attributes of the body...


Ganesha Pendants

Elephant-headed Ganesha is Lord of beginnings, and he himself is symbolized as a transition point for he is neither man nor elephant.



Japa is the repetition of sacred mantra either by chanting vocally or mentally, usually with the assistance of a mala (prayer beads)... Chanting manta is the...




Each Soul Symbols Sacred Geometry Pendant is handcrafted from natural Clear Quartz crystal, which has been hand cut and shaped with a specific number of facets to enhance the natural vibrations of the crystal. Clear Quartz is known to be one of the most powerful energy amplifiers, due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It is also an extremely efficient receptor for programming, as it readily absorbs, stores, and releases energy frequencies. Quartz crystals are easily programmed, and have the ability to continue to resonate any specific frequency, prayer, or thought by constantly broadcasting into the etheric realms. These characteristics of programmability, memory, and energy amplification, make Clear Quartz useful in the manufacturing of crystal radios, microphones, and watches.

From an esoteric perspective, because Clear Quartz can broadcast any thought or desire more strongly into the world it can accelerate healing work. Once it has been programmed, it will continue to resonate that thought, prayer, or desire into the etheric realms, offering a continuous subtle affirmation for the fulfillment of any aspirations.

Clear Quartz resonates with the higher chakras of The Brow Chakra (Ajna Chakra) and The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) which offer increase in spiritual awareness and facilitate psychic abilities. Through a strong spiritual connection to the highest vibrations of awareness, Clear Quartz builds a deep affinity for harmony in all of life. It also encourages through its natural capacity to connect to the Divine, the desire to unconditionally serve others with pure compassion and without selfish motive for personal gain. It brings clarity of thought and purpose, assisting with overcoming confusion.


The pentagram, 5 Pointed Star, is the most widely revered of all esoteric symbols within our western culture. It is known by many alternative names: Star of Bethlehem, Three King’s Star, Wizard’s Star, and Druid’s Foot. From this assortment of names it can be understood that the pentagram is associated with Christian mysticism, magic, and paganism.

The glittering star in the dark night sky as a symbol for guiding the wandering soul towards truth is one of the primary symbols behind the pentagram. In art, most stars in the sky are painted as having 5 points, and are symbolic of celestial light which provides divine wisdom. The bright, shining stars that illuminate the sky symbolically provide the heavenly light of knowledge.

When we look at any pentagram, the central star point directs our attention upward, with the other 4 points creating a firm base. The pentagram has a hidden symbolism to encourage the mind (Manas) to rise above vital body (Prana), the basic desires (Kama), lower ego mind (Linga Sharira), and the material planes of existence (Rupa). Pentagram teaches us that the true purpose of mankind is to rise, and pass from the phenomenal worlds of the concrete to commune with the Absolute. In so doing, inspiration and intuitive guidance is achieved through the interplay with the higher subtle energies of the universe. It is the light offered by the Absolute which allows the mind to be lead towards a more enlightened view of the cosmos, and towards higher levels of cognition.

The top pointing triangle of the pentagram represents inspired logic, reason, ethics, truth and consciousness. Just looking at the pentagram acts as a subtle way to attract inspired thought from the cosmic planes into the body. The visual effect on the mind is to set up a vibration within that stimulates the activity of the mental body towards higher levels of awareness. It assists with allowing the reasoning mind to become the focal dominating point over the erratic desires of the body.

The second principle symbolized by the pentagram, which is much more obscured, is the symbol of dynamic life. In numerology, Five is the union of the first female number of Two and the first male number of Three. Very important to remember that all of the physical world is but an aspect of energy. All of life is a dimension of energy, which follows fundamental universal principles. The whole of the material universe is composed of the interplay of energies at different levels and orders of density. Within the understanding of the number 5 is the key to the manifested universe. The number Five is the creative nature, or vitality of the universe. It is the potentiality of life, because from the roots of 2, 3, and 5 all harmonic proportions and relationships can be derived. The interplay of these esoteric proportions and relations creates the forms of all matter – both inorganic and organic. It is here that the sequences of life that support all growth can be found.

Visually we can see that Nature manifests most frequently with the patterning of the number 5. The natural wholeness of most plant forms occurs through the growth pattering of 5, offering us our five petalled flowers and fruits i.e. inner core of an apple is a perfect pentagram star. The number Five symbolizes health, fullness of life, love, and sexuality. In our own calender year the fifth month of May is celebrated as the high point of the year for the mating and birthing of new life for all mammals.